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Compare Gen5 Software

Compare Gen5 Software with the chart below or contact us to speak with a representative.


  Gen5 Gen5 Secure Gen5 IVD Gen5 Image+ Gen5 Secure Image+ Gen5 IVD Image+ Gen5 Image Prime* Gen5 Secure Image Prime*
Instrument Control
Data reporting and exporting
Single and multi-mode data analysis
Image capture and basic analysis
Image capture and enhanced analysis      
Image capture and advanced analysis            
Additional Features                
21 CFR Part 11 compliant features      
IVD compliant features            
QC Trending            
Gen5 Validation Package included**            


* Gen5 Image Prime and Gen5 Secure Image Prime are for Research Use Only. Not for Diagnostic Use.

** Gen5 Validation Package is available for all other Gen5 editions, purchased separately